Thomas Moore - Raleigh, NC Personal TrainerBeing an athlete all my life I have grown to love the fitness world. Growing up I always kept active in various sports such as baseball, basketball, take- kwon- do, roller hockey, I was always caught up in the thrill of competing. Ultimately basketball became my main focus as I started playing competitively in school. Playing four years of varsity basketball in high school gave me many opportunities to play basketball all over the country and learning a lot as I traveled.

During my junior year of college I had a bad knee injury that sidelined me for the majority of the season. Anyone that has been competitive all their life in any sport knows this is the scariest thing ever, not knowing if you will ever play the same again or if you will ever play again for that matter. I went through greuling hours of rehab and other treatments to strengthen my knee and to try to get back to the court as fast as possible. It was amazing watching how the rehab specialist had great knowledge in what they were doing and knew exactly what needed to be done, and at what phases they needed to be done at. This is when I grew to love this field of Sports Medicine because there is no better feeling than being able to transform someone’s life and making them believe, much like those trainers did for me.

So now I spend my time helping people target the areas of their bodies that they want to see change, making them believe with the correct knowledge and with the right person pushing you anything is obtainable. I truly know there is no better feeling than to watch someone achieve the fitness goals that they never envisioned being able to achieve, but I believe there is an athlete in everyone we just got to push ourselves and dig deep enough to find it.