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Mental Toughness

I have a passion for working out, so sometimes it’s just hard for me to understand where some peoples mindsets are that literally need to make this lifestyle change because their health depends on it. Wether it be issues with being over weight, high blood pressure, or needing to workout so they can let go of medications that they are dependent on. Those three factors to me seem like that would be enough to say, “you know what, it’s time for a change”. Now grant it I’m not saying it’s going to be simple because if it was, there would be no occupation in fitness meaning I would have no job, but understand if your pushing your body to do things it’s never done before it’s not going to be easy and if it is then your not pushing your body. Also understand with that being said expect to feel soreness expect to feel a little ache and pain, but that dosent mean you avoid working out because your a little sore. Like I tell all my clients “Embrace the soreness, that pain your feeling is your body and muscles trying to adapt to the increase and change in activity”… This is where most people quit and throw in the towel. I wanna challenge YOU to become mentally tougher, fight for your health, be relentless to reach your goals, and never give up because the outcome is more rewarding…I PROMISE!

Boot camp schedule for September

Boot camp starts this week during the week days starting Monday night at 7pm and Wednesday night at 7pm and remains the same for Saturdays at 10am. All clients now only have to pay $5 per boot camp, non clients will have to pay $10 per boot camp… Please help pass this along to all friends and any family that would be interested! Thanks in advance. #RaleighBodyMaxx

Group workouts

Group workouts are now taking place on Wednesday nights at 7pm and Saturday mornings at 10am Contact Thomas with all questions and for location.

Group session speacial

Until the end of the month (8/31) BodyMaxx will be running a Group specail for 8 sessions for only $100

Leave Contact info under the contacts tab if interested.